Small Business

Here are just some of the small to medium sized businesses Rex did SEO work for:
SEO for painters
EON Clinics dental implants
Rent a dumpster
Magsino Mobile
Chicago High End Headshots
I am an owner of a local electrical contracting company. I started working with Rex 4 years ago in the hopes of landing on the first page of google organically without all the money you have to pay for Google Ads. Rex surpassed my expectations and can honestly say I have gotten my money back I spent 50 fold -seeing is believing. Rex is quite knowledgeable and trust worthy.- Steve Schmadebeck, S&S Electrical Services
"I am very well pleased at what Rex has done for my Web site. I knew nothing, and they designed for me walked me through things I needed to do and explained SEO and got all those things done. I highly recommend Rex for all your Advertising Web needs." Dave H., Green Clean Carpet Cleaners
"I am the owner of multiple small businesses. Rex and his team have been instrumental in using key search words to have my businesses come up on the first page in Google search. They have done wonderful things for my business and I'm lucky to have been able to work with them. They are very professional, fast and I would refer them in a second. I can not say enough good things about their service." Nicole V., Conifer, CO
"Rex did a great job creating and marketing my website and gave me any updates that I needed. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a fast, professional and easy to work with company. I loved the personal attention given.." Lowell Y., Village Auto Repair

Publishing & Finance

Check out Rex's SEO work for the following publications and financial websites:
Construction Equipment
Probuilder logo
Proremodeler logo
Protradecraft logo
BDC logo
India ETFs
Northwestern Mutual
"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Rex at Scranton Gillette Communications. Rex is an SEO rock star -- minus a rock star attitude. From the moment our editorial team started working with him, our web site analytics headed due north and never turned back. He mentored our team (and several others here) on content optimization, cross-linking and other ways to increase visitor views, time on site and interaction. Rex more than doubled our web site organic traffic and exponentially increased all other site metrics during his tenure here. His command of Google Analytics and tools like Bright Edge, coupled with his web site wizardry, was amazing. In 2018, Rex received a prestigious Edgie Award for SEO Performance and Results. Rex is a leader, a team-player and a thoughtful problem solver and will be a tremendous asset to any company." -- Sean R., Group Publisher
"Our medical magazines were making good progress with gaining new traffic through content SEO optimization, but Rex was able to further enhance this through with a combination of technical SEO and suggestions for how we manage content. The result was a jump of more 1.6 million new pageviews for our websites in 2018." - Dave F., Editor
"I am so grateful and honored to have worked with Rex. In the short time we worked together, he taught me so much about best practices for SEO and digital content strategy, but more importantly, Rex taught me which resources to seek out so that down the line, I'll be able to catch my own fish, so to speak.Our website traffic and social media strategy regularly and vastly improved with Rex's guidance and action items. Rex's dedication and wealth of insight inspired me to do my best work as he does, creating a high-caliber collaboration for the benefit of far more than just ourselves.I echo my colleague's sentiment that Rex "is an SEO rock star -- minus a rock star attitude." Always willing to teach and look for answers, Rex has made a significant impact on our work, and on my career. I thank Rex, and recommend him highly as he has much to recommend the world." -- Kate C., Editor
"Rex is a consummate professional who really listened to the magazine editors at SGC and helped us elevate our SEO strategies. Whenever there was a problem, he took pains to provide a solution as quickly as possible. He is dedicated and enthusiastic about his work and very easy to work with, always taking the time to explain a new strategy or technique. Rex developed a series of monthly "Lunch and Learn" sessions to deepen our knowledge of SEO marketing and encourage a dialogue among the entire group".-- Susan B., Editor
I hired Rex after an extensive search for an SEO Manager and couldn't have been happier with his work. His extensive knowledge of the industry and out-of-the-box ideas to generate Search traffic was what I needed and received. By the time I left Zacks.com he had nearly doubled the Search traffic while the Referral and Direct traffic only increased slightly. Rex was challenged constantly with a lack of IT support and tools but somehow found a way to grow the business by finding different avenues within the SEO world to get his job done. This dedication to succeed is an attribute that is hard to find and one I would love to have in every team member. While managing Rex, I learned to value his work ethic, trustworthiness and consistent performance on a constant basis. In fact, managing Rex was almost as if I wasn't managing him at all - as his work spoke for itself. - John T., Vice President

Healthcare & Non-Profit

Check out Rex's SEO work for the following healthcare companies.
EON Clinics dental implants
astra zen
Illinois Dry Eye
Therapeutic Kneads
Dental SEO
Structured Holistic
EON Clinics: Increased organic traffic by 376% with a 139% increase of keywords Ranked on Page 1 within the first month of employment using White Hat SEO techniques targeting low-hanging fruit SEO opportunities. Helped significantly decrease bounce rates through UX A/B testing which led to an average of 130 leads/week to 250 leads per week.
"Rex possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Web analytics tools (eg, Google Analytics) and numerous other critical components of online marketing. In one year, he has helped to drive an explosive growth in organic traffic by applying his deep understanding of keyword research and knowledge of business and technology. Rex has strong problem-solving abilities and is adept at multi-tasking and working hard to get the job done. He is a very sharp and intelligent individual who is very easy to work with; I would highly recommend him" - Nikhil T., Healthcare Marketing Professional
"Best of the best! Rex delivers outstanding, timely, germaine results. Stunning web design and seamless support as well as top notch help and expertise. Highly recommended to professionals and business sites." - Dr Hernani Cualing Digital Health, Consults and Web based Medicine

Higher Education

Check out Rex's SEO work for the following colleges and universities.
Northwestern Kellogg
Christian Brothers University
Houston Baptist University
Cambridge College
Wake Forest

Retail & Services

Check out just some of the SEO work Rex did for the following retail and service websites:
agency work
Lemos International
Abt.com: Increased Organic impressions by 116% and Total Organic Keywords by 27% within the first 8 months.

My Best SEO Works

2018 BrightEdge Edgies Award Winner

BrightEdge, a global leader in enterprise organic search and content performance, has honored Scranton GilletteCommunications/SGC Horizon’s SEO Manager REX CAMPOSAGRADO with a 2018 Edgie Award recognizing customer achievements and acumen in SEO and content.

Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon was among the 200 or so companies, both corporations and agencies, nominated for the Edgie Awards. A panel of six judges selected seven winners across seven categories. Fellow nominees and winners included prominent brands such as Caterpillar, Merkle & UPMC, IBM, Cleveland Clinic, and UL.

BrightEdge Edgies Award

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