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Welcome to Rex Digital Marketing, your reliable source of digital marketing solutions and SEO consulting services! We take pride in extending our expertise as a dependable extension of your marketing team. Our team, originally based in the bustling city of Chicago, offers a wide array of services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small to medium, to large enterprises. We cater to your unique SEO needs to help you grow your business’ organic traffic effectively.

To give you an idea of our significant contribution to a plethora of industries over the years, our team has had ample experience in working and implementing SEO strategies for numerous businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We believe in helping companies of all sizes navigate the digital landscape, bringing long-term ROI at a reasonable value.

With over 20 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, our Founder and SEO Lead, Rex Camposagrado, has emerged as an Award-Winning SEO Expert. Since 1995, he has been passionate about driving traffic and sales, building and marketing websites from scratch. Reach out to us to experience the expertise of your trusted digital marketing and SEO partner!

Rex Camposagrado
Founder & SEO Expert with 20+ years of experience working on small to large Fortune 500 websites

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Our Personalized SEO Services

As well-established digital marketers and SEO consultants, we take pride in our reputation as one of the top performers in SEO in Chicago, Illinois. We are dedicated to providing personalized, effective SEO strategies that will give you the exposure you need to achieve your goals. From optimizing your search engine results to boosting conversions, we take a hands-on approach to all our projects. Our high standards of quality make us the go-to agency for SEO and digital marketing services.

Our team of professionals, led by Rex, is passionate about creating online solutions that will enable you to outshine your competitors. When you trust us with your business, you can rest assured that you’ve made a wise investment in your future.

Remember, your success is our success too, and that’s why we work tirelessly to bring out the best in our clients!

A BrightEdge Certified Professional agency and Edgies Award Winner
Rex Camposagrado, MBA receiving a BrightEdge Edgies Award in 2018 for SEO Performance & Results

Happy Client's

sean reilly
Sean R. Group Publisher

Rex is an SEO rock star — minus a rock star attitude. From the moment our editorial team started working with him, our web site analytics headed due north and never turned back. He mentored our team on content optimization, cross-linking and other ways to increase visitor views, time on site and interaction. Rex more than doubled our web site organic traffic quickly and exponentially increased all other site metrics.

John T.
John T. Vice President

I hired Rex after an extensive search for an SEO Expert and couldn’t have been happier with his work. His extensive knowledge of the industry and out-of-the-box ideas to generate Search traffic was what I needed and received. After one year, he had nearly doubled the Search traffic while the Referral and Direct traffic only increased slightly.

Nikhil T
Nikhil T. Project Manager

Rex possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Web analytics tools (eg, Google Analytics) and numerous other critical components of online marketing. Within a year, he has helped to drive explosive growth in organic traffic by applying his deep understanding of keyword research and knowledge of business and technology. Rex has strong problem-solving abilities and is adept at multi-tasking and working hard to get the job done. He is a very sharp and intelligent individual who is very easy to work with.

Dave S.
Dave S. Investor & Land Acquisition

SEO Rex was very dependable, willing to help, very flexible and very easy to work with. Rex excelled in everything that was asked of him including getting first page rankings for targeted keywords, social media networking, extensive backlink building, and more.

Kate C
Kate C. Editor

Our website traffic and social media strategy regularly and vastly improved with Rex's guidance and action items. Rex's dedication and wealth of insight inspired me to do my best work as he does, creating a high-caliber collaboration for the benefit of far more than just ourselves.

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