Why Rex Digital Marketing?

Real Expertise:

REX Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing firm, specializing in SEO, Social Media, SEM, Web Development, and Content Marketing. REX Digital Marketing is headquartered in Schaumburg IL, with additional offices in Streamwood, and Oak Park. We serve the entire Chicagoland area and beyond. With over 20 years experience, REX Digital Marketing is the fastest-growing SEO & digital marketing firm in Illinois. We are highly specialized in SEO and, unlike other agencies or companies, SEO is not just an add-on service for us — it’s our bread and butter and what we do best! We are passionate about SEO, Digital Marketing, and helping businesses grow. 

There are many SEO and Digital Marketing companies out there that focus on the quantity of clients, rather than the providing quality. We always hear from potential clients that want to work with us that “we keep getting burned over and over again by agencies“. If some SEO agencies don’t perform after 6-8 months, they have an aggressive sales team that works on getting new clients every day so you can easily be replaced. We are not like that and as humans with ethical values, we believe when you give a transaction to someone they should give something back in return.

At REX Digital Marketing, we focus on each client like a business partner. We have a stellar reputation to maintain so when you succeed, we feel we succeed as well! The more clients we keep happy, let’s us know that we are doing our job.

Involved in every step of the way:

We do not keep you in the dark like some SEO companies and just take monthly payments without you knowing if any work is being done. We are fully transparent and provide weekly or monthly project management meetings with you via Zoom to let you know what are the current monthly initiatives and future things that we are working on for your website every month. A dedicated project manager will create a project management board so that you see all completed activities, initiatives in progress, and tasks that are on the To-Do.

Process, Not Magic:
We would love to say we are digital marketing and SEO wizards, but we’re not. What has allowed us to succeed is applying best practices that we have learned over the past decades and keeping up with the current digital marketing landscape combined with a proven delivery model and reporting. We understand that you are busy running your business. Our commitment is to understand your business, agree on your KPIs, understand your prospect’s mindset and build a plan to make your Internet presence the best it can be.

Satisfied Clients:
We have helped hundreds of businesses succeed online. Take a moment to review some of our recent successes. We will love to help you succeed too.

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