Top 9 SEO Tips for Home Builders

Top 9 SEO Tips for Home Builders

The internet has completely revolutionized the way home builders work. Now instead of involving a third party, customers prefer getting in touch with the realtors themselves to save their time and money.

Search Engines, like Google, use keywords, geographic locations, meta descriptions, URLs, content, and customer experience to come up with different rating algorithms. Only builders who fulfill the criteria are ranked higher on the list. If your page appears on the third or fourth page of a search engine, you probably have lost the customer.

The question is, what should you do to top the list? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your answer here. Some businesses do it in-house while others hire experts to do so. Whatever option you choose, you must know about these nine tips to get your page’s high ratings.  

1. Keywords, Keywords & Keywords

These are the words, phrases, and even sentences that your target audience type in the search bar to find you. The key to better SEO results is to optimize keywords on each page. If there is a specific keyword that you would like to be known for, use it smartly – not too many, not too less in these.

Page Title

The title of your page should tell about your business at a glance. For example: “ Colorado Springs New Homes for Sale –”


Your URL must be SEO-friendly and to the point. Something that catches the eyes of the visitor such as “”

Image URL

You made a fantastic home and took stunning pictures to upload on your website. However, your camera automatically marked them as “Image 007”. You upload the same image on the search engine, and it cannot recognize what exactly it is by just looking at the picture. Make sure you use the right Image URLs to convey your message. Title them with the keywords like “beautiful homes in Colorado.”  

2. Local SEO Makes it Easier to Find You

When you specify a particular location, you are helping the search engine and customer to narrow down their research. Example: “Miami Home Remodelers.” Using the location name brings up your website ranking by appearing on the search engine more often.

3. Use Maps

While looking for a home at their preferred locations, customers mostly select the first few links that show the exact on-map locations. Not only does it increase your web traffic, but it is also completely free of cost.

4. Watch Your Content

Search engines are hungry for fresh content. They select the most updated, informative, and relevant content to divert toward its users. Keep your website designs simple to update content more frequently.

5. Offer a Virtual Tour

People believe what they see. Let them have a look at your homes. Visiting virtual homes may give them a clear idea about what to expect from you. You can enlist model homes or concept drawings to show them your work.

6. Link Building

Link building works exactly like word-of-mouth marketing. The more websites mentioning you, the better. You can do link building via your clients, partners, suppliers, vendors, and sponsors. These links make your website look more authoritative and reliable.

7. Mobile Optimization

A visitor only waits for less than 4 seconds for a web page to upload – whether they are using desktop or mobile. If your website takes more than that due to any reason, the customer bounces and leaves your website. The bounce and abandon rates make a significant impact on the ranking of your website. Only a mobile-optimized website can convince a visitor to stay for longer on your page.

8. Social Media Presence

For some people, if a business is not on social media, it does not exist. They like to visit social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more information and interact with the business. Being active on social media platforms automatically improves your online presence and creates a friendly image of your business.

9. Hire the Experts

You may be the best home builder in the town, but you might not be an expert at SEO. There are so many things that require attention. An SEO company such as Rex Digital Marketing can draft a customized strategical plan depending on your business models to ensure maximum traffic and business. Get in touch today!

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