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SEO Consultants are experts that are held to a higher standard than SEO agencies. As SEO consultants, we do not apply cookie-cutter SEO techniques. We customize digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategies to produce the best results for your business to get you more online exposure and sales. Our ultimate goal is to help you generate more leads online, whether that’s by getting more phone calls, emails or walk-ins.

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Rex Camposagrado SEO Consultant

I am the founder of Rex Digital Marketing and I am an award-winning SEO EXPERT based in the Chicago area that specializes in search engine optimization and digital marketing. I help businesses get more leads and customers. My job is to discover online opportunities and solutions to help grow your business.

As an SEO Expert & Digital Marketing MBA, I think like a business owner as well as a customer and focus on getting traffic and converting it. Past experience includes working for agencies, in-house, healthcare, finance, publications, higher education, and Adjunct Instructor for Digital Marketing. I’ve trained and mentored hundreds of SEOs, writers, and marketers over my 20 years in the industry.

My reputation is important. I’ve helped a wide variety of clients, from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies, in all industries, achieve measurable online results. I am recognized as an SEO Expert here in the Chicago area, and the bulk of my work is within the Midwest. That said, I do have clients from all over the country, so don’t be shy if you are not in the Chicago area.

Abt Search Engine Optmization in
Increased Organic impressions by 116% and Total Organic Keywords by 27% within the first 8 months.
A BrightEdge 2018 Edgies Award Winner for SEO Performance & Results for organic increases on 16 websites.

Custom SEO Strategies

My SEO strategies are custom-designed plans for you and your specific business niche.


1. Beat the Competition

First, the competition in SEO is strong and many businesses are hiring SEOs or other digital marketers to systematically to grow their digital footprint. What this means is no easy, run of the mill or white label strategy will just magically work.

2. Get Found Online Locally

Second, every niche, keyword, business, or location is hyper unique and will require different things to have a successful campaign come to fruition. The amount of content, keyword usage, videos, images, or whatever is implemented in a site will vary based on location as Google will assign certain requirements for a specific keyword in a specific place. What you must provide in content, service, and reputability for something like “Chicago Plumber” will be much more competitive than something like “Plumber Schaumburg, IL”.

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Looking For SEO Consulting Services to Help with Search Optimization And Lead Generation?

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Get SEO search engine optimization that goes beyond keywords. My holistic approach to optimizing your website includes organically targeting the right people for your business.

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SEO for dentists in the Chicago and Illinois areas

SEO for Dentists

I specialize in SEO for Dentists and medical practices. I’ll help increase organic traffic and get targeted keywords on Page 1 of Google using White Hat SEO techniques.

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SEO for law firms in the Chicago and Illinois area

SEO for Law Firms

Since law firms draw most of their business from targeted areas, optimizing for local SEO is essential. I can optimize your law firm’s website to help clients find you first.

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Latest News & Articles

How Do You Build Authority in Local SEO in Chicago?

Get SEO search engine optimization that goes beyond keywords. Our holistic approach to optimizing your website includes organically targeting the right people for your business.

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SEO Content creation that is targeted for Chicago and surrounding areas

How to Create Content that Google Loves

DON’T! Create content for readers instead. They are the ones who search for your content. Google is smart and tries to read the mind of its users. It uses different algorithms and changes it more than 500 times a year.

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Why is Local SEO Chicago Important for Business?

Why is Local SEO Important for Business?

We know how important search engine optimization is for a business. Local SEO is the same but with filters of geolocation, zip code, state, city, town or “near me” options.

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Why is SEO important?

By investing in SEO, you increase your online visibility exponentially. Search engine optimization allows you to climb the ranks of internet browsers like Google by allowing them to notice your business. The closer your site is to the top of the search results, the more online traffic you will have.

How much does SEO cost?

Because each SEO strategy is tailored to the client, pricing can be difficult to accurately estimate before talking with an SEO expert. Contact us for a free SEO audit where we can discuss pricing and strategy.

How long does SEO take?

Depending on your field of business and current standing, SEO can take 6-12 months to provide results, however, many clients benefit in the second month. After SEO has taken effect, you must continue building and improving your standing to stay ahead of competing businesses. Schedule a consultation and discuss your timeline.

What is on-page SEO?

On-Page SEO services are intended to make your company’s website more user-friendly and relevant to the search query. This is done by optimizing visual content and HTML source code that not only make your site more visually appealing to users but also help boost your site’s ranking in organic searches.

What is off-page SEO?

When it comes to achieving a high rank in major search engines, it’s important to consider off-page SEO factors such as social media advertising and link building. Since search engines only want to give users results that provide them with the most value, search engines consider these entities in algorithms used to rank sites. Having a solid off-page SEO strategy not only increases your site’s rank but will also attract new users to your site from blog post references and mentions on social media.

Do 404 errors hurt SEO?

Broken links (404 errors) can negatively impact user experience, deterring them from entering your site. Aside from missed traffic, these broken links are not recognized by search engines, rendering them useless in improving your online position.

How do I increase visibility on Google?

There are a plethora of strategies used in SEO to increase the visibility of a business. Set up a free SEO strategy session and find out the best ways to drive traffic to your site through SEO.

How does local SEO work?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is focused on making your business relevant to local consumers. By increasing your local visibility and making your profiles more appealing to customers, we can increase foot traffic.

Are FAQs good for SEO?

Frequently asked question pages are a great way to boost internal link-building and give depth to your website. Spreading FAQs throughout your site will increase your presence as well as help you to create strong internal links.

What are the most important Google SEO factors?

To improve your rankings, ensure that your site is fast, mobile-friendly, and accessible. Lack of speed and accessibility will deter potential customers from visiting your site. Backlinks, Optimized content, and authority are other vital factors in improving your google searchability.

How do I know if SEO is working?

While there are tools designed to analyze different factors and rankings, the results of SEO should be visible through an increase in traffic to your site. A well-designed SEO strategy will improve your position on search engines while generating more website traffic.

How do SEO backlinks work?

Backlinks are created when another site links back to one of your pages. These backlinks provide validity to your content, increasing your rankings. While there are several methods for approaching link building, a great way to start is by creating valuable, original content that other sites will want to share.

How much does SEO cost?

Because each SEO strategy is tailored to the client, pricing can be difficult to accurately estimate before talking with an SEO expert. Contact us for a free SEO audit where we can discuss pricing and strategy.

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