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What does it mean for a site to be SEO friendly? It goes beyond just posting quality content (though that’s a very important part!). There are all kinds of ways big and small that can prevent your site from being seen by search engines and thus by users.

NOTE: The Free Local Website Audit above creates a Local Search Audit report specific to your business’s local exposure in your area. If you are looking to see how you are doing Nationwide, please fill out the National Website Audit below.

National Website Audit (US Only)

Free Website Audit

At the end of our free Website Audits, we sum up all this information for you to make it easy for you to understand what exactly you need to do. It will point out things like missing H1 headers, duplicate meta descriptions, local online presence, social media presence, and so on. These will help get you on the right path to improve your online endeavors.

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