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What is Enterprise SEO?

In a world where businesses need to attract customers and keep them, search engine optimization is a critical tool.

Enterprise SEO is a type of search engine optimization used by large organizations and businesses. Websites with high traffic volumes and large numbers of pages use Enterprise SEO, which essentially uses the same strategies as regular SEO.

Enterprise SEO can be used on any website, but it’s most commonly used for large e-commerce sites, such as Amazon or eBay, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

Why Is Enterprise SEO Important?

Enterprise SEO is important because search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. With so many potential customers searching for a business, companies must optimize their websites for search engines to ensure they show up in the results when prospects look for them.

Build Authority

Enterprise SEO is important because it helps you build authority. Building authority is the process of increasing your website’s trustworthiness and visibility in search engines. When you have high authority, you become more visible to Google and other search engines. This increases the chances of getting higher rankings for your website’s content and pages.

New Audiences

Enterprise SEO helps attract new audiences. By having a high authority rating on search engines like Google and Bing, you can attract new audiences through your content and pages relevant to their needs and interests. The more people visit your site, the more sales leads and potential customers your organization has access to.

Improves Rankings

Enterprise SEO can help improve the ranking of a company’s website, which in turn helps drive traffic to a website. This can be especially helpful for companies looking to increase their sales and revenue. In addition, enterprise SEO can also help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the user experience on a company’s website.

Fixes Challenges

Enterprise SEO fixes many issues plaguing businesses of all sizes, which are especially prevalent in larger companies. These include:

  • Lack of internal collaboration
  • Inability to efficiently execute strategies across multiple teams and departments
  • Poor customer experience due to low-quality site design
2018 BrightEdge Edgies Award Winner, BrightEdge Certified Professional, Conductor MVP Certification, Conductor All-Star Certification, SEMrush Certification

Differences Between Traditional and Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO and traditional SEO are two different approaches to search engine optimization that are often used in tandem.

Traditional SEO optimizes a website by improving its content, structure, and accessibility and caters to sites up to 100 pages or so.

Enterprise SEO is best suited for large companies with multiple websites that need to optimize all of them at once.

Scaling and Automation

Enterprise SEO is more about scaling and automation, while traditional SEO is more about manual work. In enterprise SEO, you use programmatic SEO to scale your processes and automate many tasks that would require human effort in conventional SEO. This allows you to create landing pages on a large scale and focus on the critical aspects of your business without having to worry about every little detail.

Automating processes allows you to get into an automated workflow to spend less time doing repetitive tasks and more time focusing on providing customer value.

Brand Reputation

Traditional SEO is content-focused, and enterprise SEO is brand-focused. Traditional SEO focuses on content marketing and keyword research to generate more visibility for your website. Enterprise SEO builds trust with your customers by focusing on the quality of your brand’s reputation, both online and offline.

Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases longer than 2-3 words, such as “SEO Agency” vs. “SEO Agency.” Longer phrases tend to be more specific, which means they’re harder to rank for but more likely to convert visitors into customers because they’re more targeted and specific to the searcher’s intent.

Local, National, or Global Enterprise SEO

Local search refers to searches that include geographic information in their query, like “Best MBA schools in Illinois” or “Furniture Stores Near Me.” These types of searches are very competitive because they take longer for search engines to rank correctly and require more effort from users who want specific results. Still, they can also be very profitable if you optimize them correctly.

We also utilize the same SEO strategies such as Yelp, Orbitz, TripAdvisor or other websites with millions of landing pages. We can generate Enterprise SEO landing pages that include keyword+city name while following White Hat SEO guidelines. This way we can mass produce large amounts of landing pages that will show up in Google for your website.

Backlink Opportunities

Enterprise SEO is about developing a link building strategy to help your company grow, while traditional SEO is more focused on ranking your website for specific keywords. When it comes to enterprise SEO, you’ll need to focus on building a presence that can withstand the test of time and getting people to link back to you as much as possible.

Bottom Line

BrightEdge Enterprise SEO Winner in 2018 for Performance and Results

Suppose your business enterprise is seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace. In that case, it’s time to take advantage of our 20+ years of enterprise-level SEO and marketing experiences to help you achieve your goals.

Rex Digital Marketing is an Enterprise SEO agency certified in Enterprise SEO Platforms such as BrightEdge and Conductor. We are proud recipients of the BrightEdge Edgies Award for Enterprise SEO Performance & Results in 2018.

At Rex Digital Marketing, we have a team of BrightEdge Certified Professionals and Conductor All-Star and MVP Certified professionals who have successfully helped numerous business enterprises achieve their SEO goals.

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