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Our ultimate goal is to increase your online exposure and sales through organic growth strategic planning, leading to more leads to contact you, whether that’s through your website, phone, email, or in-person visits.

We're NOT your typical organic growth SEO company. We focus on quality, not quantity of clients. We'll grow your business, get more customers and beat your competition – find out how.

Rex is an SEO rock star — minus a rock star attitude. From the moment our team started working with him, our website headed due north and never turned back. Rex more than doubled our website's organic traffic quickly and exponentially increased all other site metrics. Rex is a leader, a team-player, a thoughtful problem solver, and very easy to work with.

Sean R. - Director of Communications

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It Pays To Know A True Organic Growth SEO Consulting REXpert!

Our Organic Growth SEO
Solutions Speak For Themselves

We have a successful track record for moving the needle and increasing revenue. One highlight was winning an Edgies Award for SEO Performance & Results among 200 nominees from agencies and top Fortune 500 companies.

We were able to increase sales revenue by an additional $500k for one company and boosted organic SEO traffic by 33% across 16 magazine websites for another.

Our tried-and-true SEO strategies and organic growth techniques have resulted in many success stories for clients.

Here’s Why You Want
a Customized Organic Growth SEO Strategy

Beat the Competition

Competition in SEO is strong and many businesses are hiring SEOs or other digital marketers to systematically grow their digital footprint. What this means is not easy, run of the mill or white label strategy will just magically work.

Get Found Locally

Every niche, keyword, business, or location is hyper unique and will require different things to have a successful campaign come to fruition. The amount of content, keyword usage, videos, images, or whatever is implemented in a site will vary based on location as Google will assign certain requirements for a specific keyword in a specific place. What you must provide in content, service, and reputability for something like “Best MBA schools in the US” will be much more competitive than something like “Best MBA Schools Nationwide”.

SEO Services

Done-For-You SEO Services

Hire us to do your SEO and Digital Marketing. We can help you with the day-to-day SEO tasks that you need completed, so you can get back to what you do best, running your business. WIth over 20 years in the SEO business, we offer a wide variety of custom SEO packages that are customized to your website’s individual needs and requirements. Get a Free Quote!

Online SEO training courses

Done-With-You SEO Consulting

Grow your business with the help from our SEO Experts. SEO Consulting gives business leaders, marketers, and website professionals the one-on-one attention your website deserves. We work with you to look at how to position your website for the best search engine results as well as increasing the performance of your website’s sales or lead generation goals. Talk to an SEO Expert!

SEO training in a classroom

Personalized SEO Training

OPur SEO Training will show you how to crush your competition! Get hands-on and up-to-date SEO training from a 20+ year SEO veteran. This is available for individuals and companies who need more customized SEO knowledge and guidance for their website. You will learn all aspects of SEO and receive an SOP manual, a step-by-step set of instructions to guide your SEO. Call for Dates and Pricing!


Finally, You've Found the Right SEO Company to Partner With!

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Have you been burned by a bad SEO company in the past? You are not alone. A number of the clients we have coming to us have “tried” SEO before with different SEO agencies, but instead of getting results, they just got frustration and disappointment.

Most of these other SEO companies aren’t necessarily frauds, many of them just have inexperienced entry-level SEOs using cookie-cutter and outdated SEO strategies. They also may be strictly focused on sales targeting the “quantity” of clients instead of providing quality. If you don’t see any results at the end of a 6 month or 1-year contract, that’s okay with these SEO agencies because they have dedicated salespeople that routinely lands new clients to replace lost clients. It’s just a numbers game for them. 

We are looking for long-lasting partnerships and when you succeed, we feel we do as well!

With us, you are not just another number. If you prefer a more personalized feeling of doing business, you may want to choose an SEO company that thinks way outside the box to keep clients. Studies show that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. So that’s why we feel that it makes more sense to spend our time and resources on making our existing clients happy instead of going out and finding new ones.

SEO is a moving target and ever-changing landscape. Most SEO experts estimate that Google changes its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times per year. That’s somewhere between once and twice each day. That’s why we take a personalized organic growth SEO approach and keep up with Google Algorithms on a daily basis.

BrightEdge SEO Awards Winner
BrightEdge Certified Professional
Conductor SEO Certified
SEMrush Certified

An Award Winning SEO Company That Gets It

Let’s face it. You know what you want but just don’t know who you can trust to get it. Our SEO experts hear that over and over again from SEO clients who contact us.

  • You are frustrated because your website isn’t being found online organically.
  • The volume of incoming calls and leads has declined and you don’t know why?
  • Google Ads are getting expensive and you want to reduce costs by getting free clicks from organic search listings.
  • You are starting a new website and don’t know how to get your business found online.

If any of these pain points ring a bell, rest assured, you are in good hands and you’ve come to the right SEO company.

We are NOT an SEO agency that uses entry-level SEOs that come and go. Your SEO is in good hands with us because we are a specialized group of SEO experts that take pride in what we do. Each of our SEO experts has 15 to 20 years of experience. We really focus on quality instead of quantity and we provide a personalized SEO touch. We build relationships with our SEO clients and when you succeed, we feel like we do as well. We have many satisfied clients that have been with us for over 10 years.

These are the reasons why our personalized SEO services make us different.  We provide high-quality organic growth and SEO solutions to answer Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Let’s get to know each other and work together to grow your business! Schedule a free, no obligation SEO consultation today!

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Rex Delivers outstanding, timely, and germaine results. Stunning web design and seamless support as well as top-notch help and SEO expertise. Highly recommended to healthcare professionals and business owners alike!

Dr. Hernani Cualing
Dermpath Diagnostics, Gulf Coast
Surpassed the Expectations!

I am the owner of a local electrical contracting company. I started working with these guys 10 years ago in the hopes of landing on the first page of google organically without all the money you have to pay for Google Ads.They surpassed my expectations and can honestly say I have gotten my money back I spent 50 fold -seeing is believing Try a google search for electrical contractor in mount prospect, Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights. Thanks, Rex!

Steve Schmadebeck

S&S Electrical Services

Digital Marketing Expertise

Rex does an excellent job. His digital marketing expertise is second to none. He is flexible and very easy to work with. Rex excelled in everything including getting first page rankings for targeted keywords, social media, and more. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to establish a professional online web presence that brings in leads for your business

David Seidl


Dr. Hernani Cualing
Dermpath Diagnostics, Gulf Coast
Steve Schmadebeck

S&S Electrical Services

David Seidl


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